Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Four years after "Your Universe", Rico Blanco is back with a new album

After his album "Your Universe" released in 2008. Rivermaya's former front man Rico Blanco now brings us to another universe in which his music continues to evolve. The singer/songwriter's new album is entitled "Galactik Fiestamatik".

One of the album's track, "Amats", finally made it to the MYX Daily Top 10. The song is a new wave genre, different from your old school poprock. The rock icon has put the emotion of being infatuated or almost been carried away by unreasoned passion or love in the track.

From MYXph.com:

The much awaited second album will take you to a festive adventure that is ethnic, folk, punk and futuristic all at once. All songs of which are Blanco's signature songwriting. Plus, altogether performed and recorder by the mastermind himself in his very own studio attic. "I wanted the album to sound more abrasive, more flawed than correct, " says the singer. So, expect this album to be deeply personal and as if Rico Blanco himself is singing beside you.

The carrier single, "Amats", is a song of infatuation that's almost stalker-ish. Rico reveals, "I wondered, what if I make it dark, talagang amats? It becomes more dangerous... you feel on the edge, uncomfortable." 

 “Amats” is surely to join Blanco’s collection of masterpieces that have captured our hearts through the years. As a Filipino rock icon highly regarded for his ingenuity and dedication to his craft, it’s only fitting that Blanco’s latest endeavor deserves no less than a worldwide release to satisfy fans across the globe.

The track "Amats" is available on iTunes worldwide.

You can watch the official MV of "Amats" here:

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