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I Love Tacloban: The bridge for Waraynons worldwide

I Love Tacloban is a Facebook page which serves as a bridge to all Waraynons online. The online community first started on April 21, 2010 but for some reasons, the page has been dissolved. A second page was created on August 2010 and has been active since its start. The page continues to serve Waraynons online. The people behind the page is also active offline and ever since the page started and became known in Tacloban, the page also provide charity works for the poor.

I Love Tacloban profile picture [source]

The page was founded by Admin Arix (Arix Eliot). He was working then at an internet cafe, I even saw him working at the front desk of the cafe then, out of nowhere Arix thought of connecting Taclobanons online. At first he thought of catering the people within Tacloban. His colleague, Jakku, came in and as a Tacloban blogger he started to put the culture and traditions of Taclobanons and Waraynons in the online community page. The page became known and as Jakku said, the rest is history. As of today, the page has 30, 000 subscribers.

I Love Tacloban page cover as of 7:00am , 8/21/2012. The 
page derived its name on the famous "I ♥ New York" 

I was an active commenter in the first months of the I ♥ Tacloban page then, using the pseudonym "Yara Heartbreak". The page was really active then, it's like a TV show that has many segments. From debates to mini-games, the page provided interactions among its subscribers. As of now, Love Knots with Mama Belle is the longest running segment of the page. You can catch Momma Belles' segment at 3:00 pm. Speaking of Momma Belle as far as my memory can remember, she was an active commenter then and because of the admin search she became an admin of the page.

Tacloban's famous bridge, San Juanico. Tacloban acts as the
 "Gateway of Eastern Visayas" because of the San

 Juanico Bridge. Photo by Eric Lagunzad [source]

The page main's objective as stated on the page, is to provide live interactions and entertainment for the Taclobanons and to welcome people who loves' Tacloban. Tacloban is the capital city of Leyte until it became a highly urbanized city last December 2008. I ♥ Tacloban page helps to promote Tacloban City, " The Gateway of Eastern Visayas". and because of that the I ♥ Tacloban Movement which has been founded on 2008  tried to get the rights of the page. Instead the two parties helped each other in promoting Tacloban.

As the page continues to make noise in Tacloban, the city government caught their attention. I ♥ Tacloban was able to held a grand eye ball during the page's second anniversary with the help of the city government. The event was dubbed "I ♥ Tacloban Grand Eye Ball 2012" featuring the most promising pop rock princess Yeng Constantino. Local acts also performed in the event which was held on Tacloban Astrodome last April 21, 2012.

I ♥ Tacloban Grand Eye Ball 2012 official banner [source]

One of the Admin, Jakku, feels great that they were able to hold a large event and it's his first time to face a large crowd. Jakku was one of the host of the said event. He said, their plans and meetings were made simple and it turned out well that make them happy. Jakku and his co-admins is so thankful to the city government and the supporters of the I ♥ Tacloban Movement and their page.

Yeng Constantino performing 
for the Waraynons. [source]
Jakku Lopez' first time on stage to 
confront a huge crowd. [source]

The Facebook page second anniversary was so successful, it was attended by a large number of people especially Waraynons. The mayor-councilor couple, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred and Cristina Romualdez, was also there. Jakku told me that the concert was Mayor Alfred's expression of gratitude towards the Waraynons and 'the event will never happen without the help of the city government and the I ♥ Tacloban Movement'. The three parties made it possible for the event to happen.

The success of the page's second anniversary shows that the people behind the page has achieved their goal of connecting Waraynons online. The group has really provided 'live interactions and entertainment for the Taclobanons' literally. Aside from that, the group also wanted to help the needy especially the orphans. 

According to Jakku, I Love Tacloban's charity cause  is the best thing they've ever done and this happened last December 23, 2010 it was dubbed "Give Love on Christmas", the group treated the orphans of the SOS Village for a movie trip. It was made possible with the help of the subscribers from overseas and from Tacloban. Jakku hope that it will happen again this year.

I ♥ Tacloban treated the orphans in Movieworld [source]
With the help of the subscribers, I Love Tacloban's "Give Love on Christmas" became successful.

I ♥ Tacloban lunch treat for the orphans [source]
As Jakku said that he hope for this to happen again. I also hope for this to happen   this coming Christmas because the society should take care of the orphans, they might have no parents but it's the society's responsibility to teach them good values and it will be the society that will act as their good parents.

The People behind the Page

Julius Arica is the original page owner and the one who founded the page. He is known as Admin Arix or Arix Eliot. Arix is a close friend of Jakku. "Imitation is the best form of flattery and compliment." -Arix

Jakku Lopez is the second page owner of the page and is part of the first set of admins or the original admins of the page which includes his colleague, Arix. After knowing of the idea of Arix of creating a page for Waraynons. He immediately help Arix to conceptualize the page. 

The other admins are Cathy, Anne and Aymar. They are also part of the first set of admins. They helped Jakku and Arix in promoting the page since its start. The second set admins which was part of the admin search are Jolie, Ceasar, Belle, Lhie Jim and Muffer. The page has also some guest admins, they are tacloban_lgu, Mars, Jwep who represents the youth. The new admins of the page are Rose and Khrizer. The other admins are Jeff, Archie and Shin.

As of now, the page is maintained by Momma Belle and Jakku. The two admins post daily. While the other admins post so often.

Post Script

I Love Tacloban, is truly a page that connects the Taclobanons. The page should be maintained regularly.  In its first years, the page brought entertainment and interactions online. I Love Tacloban provided activities that entertains the subscribers and help the Taclobanons interact with each other.  This page will continue serving the Taclobanons and Waraynons online or offline. The group maintains real public service, a service which has no personal gains. Their charity works is one of its best example.

Special thanks to Jakku Lopez, without him this post would not be possible.


  1. I was able to visit Tacloban, years back and it was a nice place which is also rich in history being related to the McArthur's return during the Japanese Occupation. I also like that it is connected by the longest bridge which is San Juanico Bridge going to Samar. It's good that there's a page that unites people from Tacloban.

  2. Tacloban is is Madam Marcos place and was well developed during her time as the First Lady and if course its rich history is also one of the city's main attraction.

  3. I have never been to Tacloban but your stuff pique my interest thanks.

  4. I haven't been to Tacloban! I hope to visit this place one day.

  5. My father is a Leytenyo. Born in Matalom, Leyte. Been there to Tacloban but we did not stay there for long because we have to visit my Aunt in Cebu. Tacloban is a simple and quiet place. A typical place rich in history.

  6. I remember San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge in the Philippines and it is the brain-child of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. I would love to see this bridge personally.

  7. ive never been into this place yet.. but the page makes the warays be connected with one another.. a brilliant idea! :)

  8. I've been to Tacloban once. That was in 2004 when we were doing some transport survey for our research center. I wish I can come back for another project and that time around, I will see to it that I visit some of the nice places in the neighborhood.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. never been to tacloban and I am dying to see that san juanico bridge.. :-) i love tacloban group is really cool..

    I hope there are many groups out there like them.. I miss doing outreach for the kids.. I have been doing it for 7 straight years for the kids and 3 straight years before that with the elders. We did this every Christmas and we get the money from Christmas carols.. just sharing :-)

    more power to them. woot

  11. It's good that people from Tacloban can get in touch with each other through the "I Love Tacloban" page and kudos to your for actively promoting it.

  12. Kudos to the creator of the page and community as well. Loving Tacloban!

  13. this post is very interesting and easy to read.... I hope to visit again

  14. interesting! so nice there are people who promote Tacloban City. I'm here in Cebu alone but I don't forget the place where I was born and I even talked about the place to my friends here. Missing my hometown:)

  15. Hi there are nice image and looking great this blog

  16. cool, so while waiting for prediksi togel out, I could visit Tacloban. nice

  17. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing on your feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!


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