Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pin It

Japanese band covers NARDA!

The sound is a bit Japanese, but it's still in tagalog. The Japanese band Uchusentai NOIZ covered the song that once topped the music charts here in The Philippines. Narda is a song originally performed by the pinoy rock band Kamikazee.

It's good to hear that a pinoy song is covered by a foreign band even though they can't understand it unless they translate it in English. Uchusentai NOIZ is a Jrock band, they are known for their wild and energetic music, and cosplay fashion. The band has two singers, Angel and Masato. Angel is the lead and sings in a pop friendly voice while Masato sings in a brutal metal vocals.

Here's the official MV of the cover:


  1. weeehhh...they will visit Davao this September.


  2. Nice. Sa una nga parang Pinoy pero after a while maririnig yung accent tsaka hindi sila makabigkas ng 'L' ng malinaw, nagiging 'R'. Hehehe.

  3. А ѕaggy boob sаid to another sаggy boοb: 'If we don't get some suρpoгt soon, ρeople ωill think ωе're nuts.'

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