Saturday, August 18, 2012

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Movie Review: The Ring Virus (1999)

This is my first movie review so I hope that you would like it. During my high school years I spend time watching horror movies in cable tv especially the Chinese horror films. But now I forgot some of those movies. Well, here's a thriller-horror-suspense film which features another version of the hit Japanese horror movie The Ring.

The Ring Virus is a South Korean adaptation of the Ring, a novel by Koji Suzuki. It's been two decades since the movie premiered. It was released in the year 1999. The first adaptation of the novel, Ring, in 1998 was a total hit. The Japanese adaptation Ringu or The Ring became known worldwide. I was elementary then, my classmates always tell stories about it. I never thought that there is a South Korean adaptation of this movie.

The movie starts with the death of Hong SunJoo's cousin. The journalist, SunJoo, conducted an investigation and found out the cursed videotape that has been watched by her deceased cousin and her friends. The tape tells the viewers that they will die after a week in the exact time they watch it. However the scene on how to break its curse has been cut. SunJoo approached a doctor named Choi Yul to help her. He was skeptic at first but later, he helped Sunjoo with the investigation. Later on they need to know the whereabouts of the cursed videotape's creator, Park Eun-Suh, so that they can break the spell but Sunjoo forgot something that caused her partner's life.

The movie was starred by Eun-Kyung Shin as SunJoo, Jeong Jin-yeong as Choi Yul and Bae Doona as Park Eun-Suh. The movie was directed by critically-acclaimed horror film director, Kim Dong-bin. Today Kyung Shin is best known for her lead role in My Wife is a Gangster while Jin-yeong is best known for his role in the hugely successful The King and the Clown and Doona for her role in the movie Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance.  The Ring Virus was one of the best-selling Korean Films in the year 1999.

At the first ten minutes of the movie, it was a bit boring so I was reluctant to continue the film but in the moment where SunJuu was conducting an investigation to know her cousin's cause of death. It becomes more interesting. You will never know if a ghost will appear or not. I don't wanna spoil you, but actually if your reluctant to watch it because your afraid, you  should not be afraid. The movie might suspense and thrill you but there's nothing to be afraid of. The cinematography of the movie was quite good, the lighting and the effects will make you tense. Also, the music used in the background added some tensions in the movie that will make the viewers feel unease. The movie is worth watching.

My grade for this movie is 4 out of 5. Maybe I was not terrified by the film 'cause I watch it in broad daylight but this adaptation is a classic cult which terrified the Korean viewers during the year it premiered. This movie is a must watch for horror fans out there. This might be old and classic but this is still a good film to watch especially in the middle of the night if you really want to be terrified.

Anyway here's the full movie:


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