Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Ryo Saeba is the best City Hunter

Kdrama fanatics know what City Hunter is and they know that Johny Lee is the City Hunter. The fact is, Johnny Lee is the Korean City Hunter, while Jackie Chan and Mr. Mumble is the Chinese and Cantonese version of the City Hunter. But the real and the original City Hunter was an anime character and his name is Ryo Saeba, Tokyo's mightiest sweeper.

Ryo is a private detective known in Tokyo, he works with his deceased partner sister, Kaori Makimura. Aside from being a sweeper Ryo Saeba is a womanizer, Kaori eventually hits him if she sees Ryo womanizing. The good part of Ryo is eventhough he is an skilled assasin, he never kills his opponent in the series except when the enemy really needs to be killed.

Ryo became known in Tokyo because he manage to rid the crimes there. His pseudonym or codename "City Hunter" is actually the name of their business, but it's an underground operation. They can only be contacted by writing letters "XYZ" on  a blackboard at the Shinjuku Station.

Why is he the best City Hunter?

Simply because he' s the original.

I tried to watch the Kdrama version of City Hunter but it's so different from the anime so instead I watch the anime series because it's better than the live action series.

You will laugh in every series of the anime. If you want a live action series that is really connected with the anime, you can watch Jackie Chan's City Hunter or the Cantonese version of City Hunter, Mr. Mumble.

A glimpse of the original City Hunter Ryo Saeba:


  1. I am not much into watching anime nor Kdrama, I can only watch them when my youngest son invites me to watch it with him, yet i always fall asleep in the middle of the watch ahihi. i will ask my son about ryo, surely he know him :)

  2. So this is where they based the Korean novela? Looks so different from the Korean drama they are showing on TV.

  3. Interesting that a koreanovela is patterned from an anime. Well, they do have good story lines for anime too so it can be great source of a series.

  4. Hindi ko alam na may Anime pala ang Ciry Hunter :p

  5. I haven't seen this anime yet, I only know HunterXHuntER :D Looks good, will scout and look for this when I'm free! :)

  6. I'm wondering if this is the anime version of the Korea novela City Hunter in ABS.

  7. How ironic that I was just finished watching the complete anime series of City Hunter just a month before the City Hunter Korean drama was shown on local TV. I am familiar with this original story on manga, and only acquired the series in year 2006 and i would say, yes it is good, highly recommended anime. :D

  8. The KDrama version is not bad. The truth is it's awesome...if it were not take the City Hunter title. Why did they use the title if the storyline and the characters were different? They should have changed it into Batman : the Korean version instead City Hunter

    For me, CH is only Ryo, the charismatic pervert middle age man, and Kaori, the tomboyish partner

  9. This movie is one of the oblique films I watch when I was a young boy, good

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