Wednesday, August 1, 2012

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When Eraserheads, Francis M. and Rivermaya are in the same stage

Here's a rare video of the top artists then in one stage. They are considered  as the Big 3 of OPM then because of their contribution to the OPM industry.

During the '90s, OPM has a great demand in every Filipinos. Everyone wanted OPM songs, mostly youths. It was a great era then, in which OPM reach it's golden period. In every radio station you will hear some Eheads songs or Rivermaya songs.

Then Francis M. introduced a new genre that will be easily accepted by Filipinos, this is the combination of rap and rock. He's songs became an instant hit in the charts these include Mga Kababayan Ko.

Like Eraserheads, the 90's Rivermaya also gain popularity in the OPM industry. Their songs became a hit, these include Elesi and Hinahanap-hanap Kita. Rivermaya's frontman then was Bamboo while Rico Blanco is the one who compose mostly of their band's songs. Rivermaya then has a great chemistry.

Imagine if this three acts performed together? Then you should see this video if you want to hear the songs of the Big 3 that contributed in the golden years of OPM. This was taken in 1998 "Pagdiriwang ng Bayan: The Expo Pilipino Inaugural Special". 

Here's the video in which the Big 3 are in one podium:

Part 1

Part 2

90s was really great, it was the decade of OPM not KPOP. It was the decade where Filipinos wanted the local songs, the decade where everyone loves OPM.


  1. These is such a dream collaboration as I've been following the these groups since early 90s. They are all icons in the industry.

  2. I'm a big fan and I really love listening to their music because aside from the catchy arrangement of music all of their songs have meanings.

  3. OMG. thanks for sharing the video!
    Im a big fan of all of them :)

    1. No problem Ms. Airra, feel free to browse my site. :D

  4. I would love to see them back on stage again .the are one of the best band the Philippines had.

    1. I also want it to happen but Francis M. is already gone to heaven. :(

  5. I like those bands also,,Well great performances..very alive

  6. Obviously this would never happen again.

    THANK YOU for sharing this, this is definitely a treasure of OPM. Back when we really had good Filipino music, unlike these days, where we have wannabe singers that became so-called recording artists just because of their looks or affiliations.


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