Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pin It — The Hottest and Newest Deal Site in the Country

So it's been years since I last updated this blog. Many things happened, Yolanda brought devastation to our hometown. Wrecking many houses, lives and dreams but it's good to see that Tacloban and other devastated  areas are standing up and continues to rise.

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Anyway, even though of the heartbreaking scene we still need to stand up and face the world because there are many sites out there that offers exclusive deals! LOL! Yeah i'm serious because the world now revolves around these sites.

Seriously, there is a new deal site that offers watered down discounts and it's VIGATTINDEALS.COM . As cited in their website:

VigattinDeals means big discounts and big savings on everything and everything. Unbelievable discounts, deals, promos, and special offers RIGHT NOW at your fingertips. VigattinDeals is the hottest deals and discount site in the Philippines, giving you access to hundreds of great offers and promos daily. Browse through hundreds of deals offered by the biggest foreign and local brand names. Be it gadgets, vacations, tickets, buffets, clothes, accessories, toys, or anything else in between, we have the best deal waiting for you.  Bargain hunting online has never been this fun, this rewarding, and this easy. Live BIG, be a Vigattin, even on a tight budget, only at VigattinDeals."

So this means that VigattinDeals offers us new items that are discounted at a really low price. They also provide vouchers for those who are thrifty, so if you want to buy some product at a low price then you may check Currently it is the newest deal site in the Philippine that is soon to be the hottest (I really hope so). To add, they already have many partner merchants all over the metro.

So, how to buy an item from Vigattindeals?

It's easy to buy, you just need to click 'VIG IT' when you scroll your mouse to a deal. You may also refer to this video:

Is this site a scam or not?

No, it's legit a site and VigattinDeals has a physical office located at:

5/ F Pacific Corporate Center,
131 West Avenue,
Quezon City, Philippines

You may check the location at Google Maps.

Why would I buy in Vigattindeals rather than any other site out there?

Because at Vigattindeals, every product or item that you will buy is  kept safe and the staff are very friendly and hospitable. Costumer satisfaction is important to Vigattindeals. Based in their company's vision:
"Vigattin Inc. is in the process of upgrading its capabilities and providing new and exciting services that will cater to the needs of Filipinos, and eventually to everyone in the world. With a capable team of young, creative and skillful team of programmers, writers, editors and web design artists, Vigattin Inc. continues to grow bigger every day in the hopes of uplifting the lives of Filipinos through the latest in information and Web technology."
So it's safe to say that the company has a strong vision for the future and will help in improving our daily needs. screengrab
With the advancement of technology and the development of new innovations, is just one of the new tech trends that we need because online shopping will not give us any hassle and there's no crowd to pass by (unlike shopping in Divisoria).

So what are you waiting now? L*zada and M*trodeal are too mainstream. Try to buy some products and vouchers at VigattinDeals. I will assure you that the process on buying at their site is hassle free and  there is a 100% money-back guarantee. Just visit for exciting deals!

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